The Silvermote Company

Descent into Undermountain

In the future, guides should always wear helmets

The party descended into Undermountain via the well in the Yawning Portal, in search of a journal of Triobraind. They did so hot on the heels of a group of five adventurers – all members of the Jade Serpents.

Shortly after descending, the party was bushwhacked by a Jade Serpent halfling, and knocked from a bridge, leaving Fentiman unconscious, and not able to be roused by magical or mundane healing.

The party was waylaid by a Jade Serpent gnome Illusionist, put to sleep by Pelaios Creed in an act of quick thinking after Yenven Wyvernjack was charmed. Tarbubble then speedily slew the duplicitous gnome with a lethally placed eldritch blast!
The commotion of combat and slaying caught the attention of nearby carrion crawlers. Through a careful combination of stealth (and using the gnome’s corpse as bait) the party was capable of bypassing the crawler threat.



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