The Silvermote Company

The Lost Caravan

After earning their badges, the party was left to train a bit, and become antiquated with the basic workings of the Silvermote Company. After looking at a few opportunities on the bounty board, the party chose to investigate the disappearance of a silk trade caravan, bound for Neverwinter from Waterdeep. Due to the season, and increased Saughuan activity up and down the coast, a trio of Calamishite traders had opted to move the cargo overland, rather than by boat.

They employed a dozen guards, and the caravan was seven wagons large, five with cargo. It went missing somewhere between Leilion (where they took on provisions) and the ruins of Inariv’s Tower, where they were seen by drovers.They are offering 2500 gp with information/evidence which leads to the retrieval of the cargo, and they are offering three times that for the actual retrieval.


The party purchased supplies, horses, and mules, and trekked up the coast in search of clues or signs of the caravan. With a few uneventful nights on the road, the party encountered a giant hyena attacking someone just off the side of the road. Yenven Wyvernjack stepped in to stop the attack, but Tarbubble’s familiar “misunderstood” a mental command, and killed the victim of the heyena attack. Further investigation of the victim suggested the possibility that the robes were those of a member of the Cult of the Dragon!

The party decided to press on, seeking the caravan, leaving Yenven’s squire to backtrail the cultist. He met up with the party later that evening, and said he had left a trail marker just off the side of the road, which led to a fair-sized encampment!

On the roadside, a day’s journey later, the pary stumbled across the rotting carcass of a caravan gard, marked by a tattoo that Pelaios Creed identified. The first sign of any of the missing caravan!

The party pressed on, ultimately deciding after several day’s journey to seek information at Wolfhill House. The party stopped at the ruins of Inariv’s Tower for a quick look about, and ran into a surly dwarf in rusted chain, with a cold-forged steel axe. He withdrew when Tarbubble mentally contacted him.

The party pressed on to Wolfhill House, despite the imminent sundown. Along the way, they heard the sounds of pitched battle in the swamp to the side of the road, but opted not to investigate. Shortly thereafter, the party was attacked by a pair of werewolves. The party ultimately defeated them, but not before Yenven found himself infected. Pelaios Creed raced ahead to Wilfhill with Yenven, hoping to find him cured before his first change took him.

The party followed, and quickly ascertained that Wolfhill was anticipating an attack. While Yenven got cured by Thol, the one-armed priest of Tempus, the rest of the party scanned the perimiter of the keep, looking for a secret entrance that the werewolves had used to attack the keep the previous moonrise.

They found the secret door, and laid a trap. When the party was attacked, barrels of flaming oil were ignited by crossbowmen, which dispatched all but three werewolves, and a giant crimson wolf-hybrid creature!


In the aftermath of the exploding oil, Dixii of Neverwinter Wood arrived, just in time to assist with the defense of the keep. After a pitched battle at the secret entrance, the scarlet werewolf fled, and his allies were dispatched. The frontal assault at the main gate likewise failed, but sadly, the Arcdruid Gravis was lost in the combat.

As the party rests and licks thier wounds, helping to bury the dead, and shore up the defenses, the survivors at Wolfhill House look to Thol for leadership, and direction. Unbeknowst to the hundred and change souls at Wolfhill House, Thol looks to the recently arrived Silvermote Agents as the only hope of survival for the keep.


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