The Silvermote Company

What Lies Beneath Mornhaven

After delving the depths of Thornkeep beneath Wolfhill House, involving all manner of druidic, anti-shapeshifter, and oozy traps, the party was able to reincarnate the remains of the Druid Taintalon. After convening with Thol, the two decided that the Crimson Wolfwere needed to be destroyed, and they were going to set out hunting to do so. This lined up nicely with the aims of the Silvermotes, who were seeking the lost caravan. The party was invoted to strike out on their own with some guides, accompany Thol, or accompany Taintalon. They went along with Taintalon.

Trekking through the Mere led to the kidnapping of Tarbubble, through a spell which conjured disembodied arms which pulled him under the mucl. Seperated from his companions, Tarbubble sent his familiar back to inform him of his whereabouts, near Mornhaven Tower. The party split off, with the druid, Dixii of Neverwinter Wood scouting ahead, looking for an opportunity to rescue. The party was offered the chance to stay with Taintalon, or move more quickly (and dangerously) by themselves throiugh the Mere. They opted to go it alone, and Taintalon sent Silvermaw along to help with communication and guidance.

Though they could not fly, with guidance from Dixii, and the aid of Silvermaw, the party was able to fairly quickly cut the distance between themselves and the ruins of Mornhaven. Along the way, they cleverly dodged several poossibly deadly encounters with denizens of the sawmp. Making camp for the evening however, they were approached by a crazy old man named Van Rii, “The Old Man of the Swamp”.


Van traded some vittles (which he fed to his curious pauldrons, named “Nis” and “Yvne”. While he fed them, crooning to them comfortingly every now and then, he imparted the history of the Mere, and how it came to be. After the elves were forced to flee to Evermeet by a huge horde of orcs, humans settled the area, including the ruined city around Mornhaven. The human kingdom fast flourished, as they often do, quickly growing into a prosperous tradeland. However, before long, the orcs came back down the mountain, in a horde even larger than that which had dispatched the elves a century before!

Desperate to save his kingdom, the king of the lost kingdom begged his wizard, Inariv, to stop the horde at any cost. Inariv, recently having researched the fel right allowing one to become a lich, enacted his magics and became one of the undead, raising hordes of fallen against the orcish invaders. Despite nearly inexhaustible magics, Inariv’s might was still insufficient to the task of stopping the horde, so he enacted a different strategy.

Inariv tore open a portal to the elemental plane of water, and summoned forth many denizens, compelling them to hold back the tides. Just as the orc horde marched on the once-beautiful capitol of the lost kingdom of the Mere, Inariv dismissed his servants. The kingdom was flooded. Orc, commoner, knight, and innocent were all drowned in the ensuing tidal wave. Inariv was true to his word. He prevented the capitol from being overrun – he stopped the orcs. The ocean drank the city.

After a bit more banter at the completion of his tale, Van tottered off into the swamp

Shortly after dawn the following day, the party managed to get to the ruin of Mornhaven Towers and found Dixii’s camp, just in time to run into Tarbibble escaping! While waiting for a chance to rescue Tarbubble, Dixii reported that a powerful undead was using the site of Mornhaven Tower as a means of corrupting the elements, likely using the elemental portals installed therein by the former Magister of Wolfhilll House.

As the party searched for a way to enter the ruins below Wolfhill House, they were surprised to find a party of lizardfolk attempting to do the same! Met with staunch resistance by a huge undead monstrosity, the party aided the lizardfolk, and made a pact, of sorts, to end the imbalance caused by the magical energies warping the portals at Mornhaven. The shaman enacted a rite to bypass the wards, and transport the party deep into the bowels of the ruins beneath Mornhaven. The party all contributed some magical effort towards the ritual, and rapidly found themselves in the bowels of the ruins!


The lizardfolk shaman reassured the party that they had never been this far into the ruin before, and that clearly, the party was rumored to be the “chosen” of their prophecy. The only other hero who had ventured into the depths of the keep was the shaman’s grandfather, who made the journey with the former magister of Wolfhill house.

Once below, the party was met by an undead guardian, the entity Yenven Wyvernjack had been warned about! Wisely, they did not cross-examine their would-be guide, who ledd them to a pair of huge doors, enscribed with runes in a tongue unknown to any in the party. Using magics to try and discern the rune’s meaning…


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