Dwarven Warlock, Somewhat Cracked, Weird Familiar


A dwarven warlock, and servant of many patrons. Tarbubble started as a servant of an otherworldly entity from another dimension, then foreswore his allegiance to a fallen god of magic, whom he then traded to his new patron, the Scion of the Shadows and Mist. Tarbubble is of faint stature, and while sworn to the god of magic, kept his normally unkempt beard in beaded braids. Since swearing to the Scion, the colorfulness of his garb has receeded somewhat. Tarbubble maintains a link to his new patron through a mist-white raven, capable of taking on insubstantial form, named Migla. Tarbubble generally eschews weaphons, relying on the formidable power of his eldritch blast to answer any of adventuring’s more irritating questions.



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