Torvold of the Crescent Moon Monastery


A once low-level initiate in the Monastery of the Crescent Moon, Torvold sports the magical tatoos of his order, as well as serving as the guardian of the sakin asa a relic/artifact of the order’s halls.

Torvold is a muscular human, with a shaven head, simple garb, and a magical artifact as an expotic weapon.

Tattoo of the Mists:
This intricate shoulder piece in a lattice of aquamarine and cobalt makes you conversant in the common cant of air and water elementals. Additionally, by expending 2 ki points the monk imbued with this tattoo can invoke misty step as a bonus action. This tattoo will enrage fire and earth elementals, marking the bearer of the tattoo as a foe and target for vengeance.

Tattoo of the Cinder’s Kiss:
This face/cheek motif looks like crawling flames in green and blue. Fire damage is reduced by the monk’s proficiency bonus.

Founder’s Mark:
This tattoo, raised like an onyx tower over the subject’s right eye marks them as a blooded member of the Order of the Crescent Moon. It is a prerequisite to access the upper vaults, as well as attend many meetings and functions of the Silent Council. The Tattoo is actually stamped into the sole of its bearer, and will evaporate from their flesh one hour after the bearer is slain.


Torvold has been called in by Fentiman to ensure the safety of his protegees. While his calling is slightly different from that of the rest of his companions, his fate is bound to theirs, at least for the immediate future.

Torvold of the Crescent Moon Monastery

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