Ghostdraw Quiver

Weapon (quiver), Very Rare (Requires attunement by wielder with 15+ Dex)

Unattuned, this quiver appears to give arrows fired from it a ghostly bluish radiance, which gives other archers shooting a target hit by such an arrow the advantage on the attack.

When attuned, the above property remains. Arrows can carry up to a +2 to hit. The arrows can be made more insubstantial, allowing them to bypass cover (50% per +1), at the cost of 2 points of damage.

If using poison in conjunction with arrows in a Ghostdraw Quiver, the +2 can be negated entirely to give the disadvantage on the save vs. the poison on the arrow, if the attack hits. This ability is useable three times between long rests.

Ghostdraw Quiver

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