The Silvermote Company


Founded just after the death of Mystra in DR 1385 caused the failure of the Wards around Coincloak Keep, the Silvermote Com
pany was built by the remains of the Silvermote family that survived the rampant destruction. Through**out the era of the Spellplague, members of the Silvermote company (which absorbed much of the network and external agents of the Coincloaks) took several risky and lucrative ventures on behalf of the Lords.

Silvermote members are known by their sigil – a gem-encrusted platinum heptangle. Each of the gems in the star (with one at the center) stands for a different aspect of the order’s key ideals:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Ingenuity
  3. Foresight
  4. Luck
  5. Guile
  6. Wealth
  7. Protection
  8. Perseverance


The Company is ruled by a four-seat council, attended by a living member of the Silvermote line, in case of a stalemate in deliberation. The four seats are:

Currently, Fentiman Silvermote is the standing member of the bloodline attendant to the council.


Clerical Magic
Thelia the Broken-Handed

Darshanna the Seer

Nilrem the Artificer

The Silvermote Company

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