A Few Words from Fentiman

the-old-rogue-reisz-ilona-art-now-recent-oil-on-fiberboard-portrait-terminartors-1374110158_b.jpgI know you must think that it will be a snap to earn your eight gems, but I earned more than half of mine back afore the Spellplague, when the nonsense about duty, service, or being able to just buy a bloody gem were not even in the bylaws! Don’t you worry about how I could be so old as to remember a time before the Spellplague, just you be concerned with how you are going to earn your first gem. I guided your way past the first rounds with the masters, and sponsored your entry into the Company, now you report to me, and we have much work to do!

While I’m the best at many things, I was never particularly wise about my fortune. Spent my gold on whores and ale, and while I now have a nice beer gut, and more memories than coppers to my name, I need a hefty fortune to formally retire from the company, and spend my doting years doing what I spent my younger years doing between dragon slaying, beholder blasting, and lich eliminating.

What is in it for you you ask? Why the chance at becoming my protogee – I have to name at least two recruits as leadership material, as well as amass the fortune before I can retire. Let’s work on the fortune first, and I’ll keep my good eye out for behavior becoming of an heir (for sorts).

Good hunting, and as my grand-uncle Temerlyth always used to say before his mysterious disappearance: “Keep the sun behind you, and your eyes on the unborn dawn.”


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