Black Fox (Foxfellow Barrelstave)

halfling rogue with cursed daughter


Fox is a grim halfling, haggard, middle-aged, and unusually thin for a smallfolk. This is not often noticed, as Fox is usually cloaked, in black leathers, often hiding in the shadows. At some point in his past, his daughter crossed a Shadovar sorcerer, who cursed her by polymorphing her into a shadow-creature. A shadow fox, based on her name, taken from her father’s adventuring title. The curse pulled Fox out of retirement, seeking retribution or a cure for his daughter’s condition.

To date, he has found none. She remains closeby, forever flitting at the edge of the shadow realm, where she may never return from, if she loses her way, and forgets who she is. Fox spends endless amounts of time fretting over this, and regularly engages in reckless behavior and acts of skullduggery to distract his throughts from his daughter’s plight.

Fox favors the bow, and while a shortbow is usually a small weapon, for him it is on the same scale as a longbow. He wields it with deadly efficacy.


Black Fox (Foxfellow Barrelstave)

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