The Sakin Asa

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The Sakin Asa is an artifact nearly as old as the eldest of Gold Elven Empires. It was reclaimed from the Deamonfey when they attempted to overrun Myth Drannor, and spent the centuries of the Spellplague securely ensconced in the protective vaults of the Order of the Crescent Moon. It is an artifact of the First Elves, mysterious in origin, and powerful beyond reckoning.

The Sakin Asa is approximately three feet long, and made of what looks like antique brittle ivory, but is in fact harder than any metal, even adamantine. In the few tests the monks were able to subject the rod to which caused it physical damage, that damage appeared to repair itself over time, even when the rod is sundered by use (below).

The rod is coveted by the Order as a means of containing and dispelling contamination form Netherese and pre-Netherese sites and artifacts of Heavy Magic. The Sakin Asa can only be attuned to a non-elf with gold elven blood somewhere in their lineage. It is sentient, but silent, and there are no records of what it might have said or when, but it is known by any attuned to it that it could speak if it wanted to.

The Sakin Asa has several powers and benefits, and a few detrimental properties. They are as follows:


  1. An attuned wielder of the Sakin Asa can strike with it as a +2 monk weapon which deals 2d6 points of damage. An unnattuned wielder uses it as a +1 club.
  2. An attuned wielder can, as a reaction, spend a hit die, a ki point, or take 8 points of psychic damage to bolster a spellcaster within visual range who is making a Heavy Magic spellcasting result roll. The reaction adds 1d6 to their roll.
  3. An attuned wielder can, once per day, nullify the effects of any ancillary Heavy Magic effect manifested by a spellcasting result roll. This nullification can happen at any point the effect manifests, up to one hour past it’s occurrence. Use of this power prevents the Sakin Asa from being able to bolster a spellcaster with it’s other power for one hour.
  4. An attuned wielder can come in contact with an artifact, creature, manifestation, or aura which causes Heavy Magic infection without any risk of it infecting them, so long as they do not lose attunement to the rod. Additionally, the rod can nullify any source of Heavy Magic corruption so long as it maintains physical contact with the source.
  5. The Sakin Asa can create a 5’ sphere of impenetrable (but movable) force which completely blocks any emanation of Heavy Magic corruption within it. Activating this power is akin to a ritual, requiring a full five minutes of uninterrupted concentration by the wielder. While the sphere is conjured, the Sakin Asa becomes an otherwise unremarkable ivory rod, and loses all other benefits (not detriments), until the rite is reversed the sphere effect ended.The field disperses if the wielder becomes unattuned to the Sakin Asa, is slain, or loses contact with the Sakin Asa for more than 24 hours.


  1. While attuned to the artifact, your weight increases by 5d10 x 10 pounds. This does not change your size or body shape.
  2. Using any of the benefits of the artifact require a DC 15 Wisdom save, or the wielder takes 1d8 Psychic damage. After taking damage in this manner, the wielder is at the disadvantage for this save until they take a long rest.
  3. Each use of the Sakin Asa requires a d100 check. There is an incrementing 1% chance that the rod breaks with use. If the rod breaks on this d100 roll, it instantly creates an effect identical to the result of a 2 or lower on a Heavy Magic Spellcasting Result. This destroys the wielder’s attunement. If the rod is broken while conjuring the sphere of force, identical results occur.

The percentage is re-set every sunrise.

The Sakin Asa

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